about me

Barbara FisterFor over thirty years I worked at a small liberal arts college library where I coordinated our instruction program, worked on digital projects, and did a whole lot of other stuff, too, because being small means wearing many hats. Now I am a scholar-in-residence with Project Information Literacy which has wrapped up its long-term College study and is now exploring other aspects of how people relate to information.

My research interests include how students learn to do research, where publishing is going, what’s going on with algorithmic information systems, and how social issues are represented in fiction. I also  occasionally write crime fiction of my own (and review it, too).

There’s a bit more about my life as a librarian in things I’ve written here and here. I talked about writing crime fiction here.

If you want to look at All the Things, check out my CV.

Header photo by Alfred T. Palmer via the Library of Congress.