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babel fish bouillabaisse coverBabel Fish Bouillabaisse (Gazornum 2015)
This lightly-edited, open access, creative-commons-licensed collection of essays is drawn from the Library Babel Fish blog at Inside Higher Ed with additional material exploring online reading communities, the subject of my 2014-15 sabbatical year. It’s available (free!) in a variety of formats – along with a timeline showing the development of online reading communities as a feature of the internet.



Third World Women's Literatures coverThird World Women’s Literatures: A Dictionary and Guide to Materials in English (Greenwood 1995)
I started work on this reference work because an English faculty member had trouble finding books by women from the third world for a syllabus. They were hard to find, then, but by the time this book went to press a lot of new books and translations were being published. It’s terribly out of date now, but at the time it offered information about writers who weren’t well known in the U.S. And the index that I discovered late in the day had to be created (cue much gnashing of teeth) turned out to be pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

Header photo by Alfred T. Palmer via the Library of Congress.