a Woody Guthrie moment

Woodie Guthrie photo by Al Aumuller, courtesy of Wikimedia and the Library of Congress.

Woody Guthrie famously had a sign on his guitar: THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS. I’ve been thinking about that line a lot in the past week, this strange new world in which a man-child signs orders written by a nihilistic Nazi, throwing the world into chaos gleefully and viciously. It’s encouraging to see mass resistance form spontaneously, though I remind myself that there were mass protests against Hitler, too. There’s work to do. There are values to defend. It won’t be an easy road, and I’m not sure where it will all lead.

I am printing up some stickers for my laptop, which is about as close as I get to a guitar.  I wimped out and used “fights” instead of “kills” because I’m an angry pacifist who likes to think libraries, books, and writers can all oppose this violence with words and ideas.

This Machine - Library Drawn by me, crudely, using two typefaces, The Skinny by Jusebox (which I also used on the other two stickers) and Payday by Junkohanhero.

this machine - penAdapted from an image by OperationPaperStorm (CC-BY-2.0)

this machine - bookAdapted from an image by Libby Levi (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

These are, of course, CC-BY-4.0 and you’re welcome to reuse and remix, though I’m too graphics-illiterate to have produced proper high-res images and they’re pretty small and fuzzy.

Here’s to the resistance.




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